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Foresight Desktop Linux is a GNOME based Linux distribution that showcases some of the latest bells and whistles. It currently sports GNOME 2.20 as the preferred desktop environment.


  • Beagle :: Search tool that ransacks your personal information space to find whatever you’re looking for.
  • Epiphany :: Browse the web with ease.
  • F-spot :: Personal photo management.
  • Banshee :: Music management and playback.
  • Avahi :: implementation of Zeroconf networking
  • Hal :: Hardware abstraction layer that makes hardware just work.
  • Conary :: A new way of looking at package management.
  • :: Suite of Productivity Applications.
  • Mono :: .NET implementation for Linux.


Each release is a snapshot of what is in the repository. So, it is easy to stay current using the conary tools. See documentation for instructions for installing and upgrading software.