Foresight Linux


There are many ways to get involved and help out with Foresight Linux.

Get Involved

One of the easiest ways to learn more about Foresight, and to help out, is to participate in the #foresight IRC channel at or be active in the Foresight mailing lists and forum. The more enthusiastic users we have on each, the more everyone can learn and share from each other, and the stronger the Foresight project can be.

Join a team

Foresight has a number of teams to help in different areas of the project. The following is a list of teams and links to more information about each:

  • Development :: Package software using Conary, and add and update packages in Foresight’s repositories
  • Quality Assurance :: Help test upcoming versions of Foresight and its software packages before they are pushed to all users
  • Marketing :: Help promote Foresight, including updating website content, representing Foresight at tradeshows and conferences, and contributing to the Foresight newsletter
  • Documentation :: Write and update reference and instructional documentation, including HOWTOs and the Getting Started with Foresight user guide
  • Security :: Monitor published vulnerabilities and update packages to close security holes

Mailing lists

  • Distribution :: Discussion and general questions about Foresight (currently unused, use the Forum instead)
  • Development :: Discussion about Foresight development, including Conary packaging
  • Marketing :: Discussion about marketing Foresight, including representing at conferences and contributing to website development
  • Documentation :: Create, edit, and discuss Foresight’s documentationi, including FAQs, wiki pages, and the Getting Started user guide
  • Foresight Security Annoucements :: Receive notices of all known vulnerabilities and fixes for Foresight (read-only)
  • Foresight i18n :: Discussion of localization and translations of Foresight
  • Foresight Commits :: Receive notices of all source code and package commits to Foresight (read-only)

Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

The Foresight Linux channels are hosted by the Freenode IRC network.

Primary channels

  • #foresight :: Current and potential Foresight users of all skill levels, asking questions and exchanging helpful tips
  • #foresight-qa :: Foresight QA Team discusses testing the latest versions and new packages, as well as the Foresight infrastructure.
  • #foresight-devel :: Foresight developers discussing their development activities in a real-time environment

Secondary channels

  • #foresight-marketing :: Foresight Marketing Team discusses event preparations, website development, and the newsletter
  • #foresight-kde :: KDE desktop environment users and developers discuss using Foresight
  • #foresight-security :: Foresight Security Team discusses closing all vulnerabilities in Foresight and its software packages

General feedback and email contact

For general feedback, comments, press inquiries, OEM opportunities, or more specific contact information, please email [email protected].